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It’s no secret our guests have amazing experiences aboard Lucky Me. Read a few of our latest guest reviews from TripAdvisor and Facebook to see why our guests leave our charter with unforgettable memories!

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No amount of words will do justice to the trip 6 of us had the unbelievable pleasure of booking with Michael and Jes. They are the best captains and team on the sea. I had expressed to Michael that we love “non tourist” spots, but also wanted to see the can’t be missed spots. They accommodated our dreams by taking us to wonderful places; I truly felt they were as excited as we were. We visited 11 islands in 7 days. He’s was so calm and patient and we grew in our snorkeling experiences. We were so fortunate that two of those were at Anegada island. Jes is a wonderful chef and very accommodating. They joined us on the islands and for evening games. Even though we booked as paying guests, I feel we left as friends. We will be doing this again, and only with them. Thank you Michael and Jes for helping me have the best 60th Birthday celebration at sea! See you soon

– Spazmama, TripAdvisor

Best trip ever!!!

I don’t think that words can do justice to the trip we had with Michael and Jes. Two best captains on the sea. We went to wonderful places and they shared all of there knowledge. Took us to the best spots to give us the best experience possible. 11 islands in 7 days and we spent two of those in Anegada island. Amazing. Jes is a wonderful chef and very accommodating. We walked on as guest and left as friends. We will be doing this again and wouldn’t want to go with any other crew. It’s a must do vacation. P.S the snorkeling was amazing!! Thanks for a wonderful vacation Michael and Jes!!

– beckom222, TripAdvisor


Top Ten Reasons to Book with Lucky Me:

1. Jes’s amazing food – nothing on St. Thomas, St. John’s, Norman, Peter or Virgin Gorda islands even really compare. Fresh, filling, healthy and delicious.

2. Hot water to shower in (most boats don’t have it). Forget hot water, these guys make their own fresh water. Lots of fresh water.

3. Diving direct from the boat. No rendezvous diving. No lost time. Instantaneous ability to go!

4. Dive master on board – available 24/7 (think night dives) who is excited to dive and knowledgeable about sites, standards and reef life

5. Impeccable vessel (comfortable, clean, safe, stocked, organized)

6. Gear at your fingertips (fishing, snorkeling, diving (day and night), relaxing) Pretty much all you need is a suit and sandals. They’ll cover everything else.

7. Flexibility – the knowledge and ability to adjust to the elements no matter what gets tossed at you. Nothing is set in stone. So you get the most out of EVERY MOMENT. You miss nothing and get to do it all.

8. Two people you really don’t mind being around day after day. Fun and funny.

9. Knowledge – these two know a lot about the area – the geography, the people, the history, where to go, what to avoid. They saved us a ton of time and headache.

10. Kindness. Mike and Jess are truly two of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. They help everyone they come across. People who need it and even those who don’t deserve it. They watch out for others when they have nothing to gain by doing so. They never once made us feel like clients. We were friends right from the start. It’s just one of those things that matters oh. so. much.

We spent five days/four nights with Mike and Jes and loved every second of it. They are amazing in every way. Relentless at making every detail perfect. They effortlessly make waiting on your every need look easy even desirable. Don’t think, just GO!!

– Myhoa B, TripAdvisor

We chartered Lucky Me with Mike and Jes for four to celebrate a milestone birthday and Set Sail and Dive delivered an amazing experience in all areas. Jess’s cooking was awesome: thoughtful, well executed, and incredibly tasty. She translated our preference sheets and we licked our plates clean.

The boat was in excellent condition and we slept comfortably every night. Mike and Jes make the extra effort to make the boat warm and welcoming. Mike was an excellent captain, exercised great judgement, and has a strong repore within the community which meant we got through customs quickly and had great service when eating two off-board meals.

Jes took us on all of our dives and we felt comfortable in her very capable hands. Their equipment was excellent, they keep it up and it’s obvious they run a first-rate dive operation.

They had sunscreen for us and snacks, and we really didn’t need to bring anything but our swim suits.

Highly recommend!!! Can’t wait for our next adventure with them

– dantheman619, TripAdvisor

Amazing, incredible, idyllic!

I had an absolutely incredible time on Lucky Me. During the hurricane season Jes and Michael charter along the windward islands so I was able to book a trip with them in Grenada. Jes and Michael were spectacular hosts and my time on Lucky Me with them really felt like home for the week. The boat is beautiful, with lots of space both inside and out. Inside has a lovely family area to chill in the evenings and during the day to shelter from the sun and heat for a little bit if needed. Outside there are lots of comfortable areas to sit/lie to take in the idyllic surroundings of the Caribbean. The food on boat was beautiful, a real variety of tastes and flavors expertly prepared and made by Jes.

We spent some time on shore in Grenada, taking in a couple of sight seeing opportunities Annedale waterfall and surrounding area is stunning and the Sulphur Springs towards the north of the island was a lot of fun being caked in mineral rich mud and lazing in the natural springs (Beware!!! Do not wear your good swimwear for this!)

After discussing proposed sailing locations, we took off for a couple of days exploring the islands and turquoise blue waters from Grenada up to Caricou, Sandy Island and Petit Martinique. Sailing past London Bridge was certainly a wildly different experience to the London Bridge train station I see and commute into everyday at home!

I am a totally inexperienced diver but I was able to spend lots of time with Jes and Michael (both qualified divers) snorkeling around the reefs of the amazing islands! I even got the confidence and fantastic opportunity to try some night snorkeling. I saw fish in all shapes, sizes and colors which, for someone who has never really snorkeled before and certainly not in the Caribbean, was truly and experience beyond my wildest dreams. Lucky Me indeed!!!!!

I can’t wait to book my next trip on Lucky Me with Jes and Michael in the Virgin Islands.

– reavellj, TripAdvisor

Sailing the Grenadines

We had the best time getting to know Captain Michael and Chef Jes on this off season get away. The yacht is amazing and only takes a second place to Chef Jes’s food! Every need was met with a smile and cold drink and being able to dive with such an experienced crew was also a bonus.

The cabins felt more like a luxury hotel suite than a boat and the saloon was huge and welcoming. We can’t wait to get back out on the Caribbean with this awesome crew and huge yacht again. And did I mention the food…… WOW!

Thanks for having us aboard. We can’t wait to book again!

– Greg and Natalie, TripAdvisor

Incredible Trip with S/V Lucky Me

Captain Michael and Chef Jes (she’s a captain too) are an amazing couple who love being on the water, love to teach you things and see all the wonders under the ocean. If you are looking for the perfect blend of romantic getaway or a family fun vacation, relaxation and a beautiful backdrop, a trip with the crew of S/V Lucky Me is just where you need to be!! We have gotten to see and experience something amazing, snorkeling with sea turtles at Diamond Cay, deep sea fishing for Black Fin Tuna (have to get a fishing license), fresh sushi made from the Black Fin Tuna with friends, scuba diving a secret spot, learning how to read the wind & trim the sails, and a beautiful evening in a hidden cove off of Norman Island…S/V Lucky Me is the best of everything for everyone! Families with kids, group of friends, couples and honeymooners are all treated with comfortable accommodations, wonderful food & drink, awesome hospitality and all the water activities you could want on board.I can’t wait for our next trip aboard S/V Lucky Me and eating all the great food Chef Jes made for us. Wow!! Is all we could say about her food. Thanks guys!!!

– TimMWilson2018, TripAdvisor

Trip of a lifetime!!!!

I have to be honest and say that I was very reluctant to take this trip with my husband. I get sea sick and was anxious about going out on a boat in the ocean. My husband was so excited about the trip and reassured me that everything was going to be ok. We picked Lucky Me because of Michael and Jessica. They are both Master Captains with sailing experience, hospitality experience and scuba divers. Jes is a dive instructor and Michael is a dive master. My husband and I are both advanced divers and really wanted to dive during this trip. I’m so happy we chose this crew and boat. Diving with Michael and Jes was relaxing and peaceful. They let me go at my pace and see what I wanted. I’ve always dove with a group, being led on a predetermined dive by a guide. With them we were able to stop and just look at little stuff, stay as long as we wanted and go on without any group pressure.

The majority of my anxiety was actually being out on the ocean. We are from Colorado and I’m much more comfortable on dry land, I just didn’t know if this would be my thing. Michael is an experienced and capable captain and I felt completely comfortable and safe with him. Jes is level headed, calm and competent, the two of them ran the boat flawlessly.

Both of them had just returned from the UK cooking school at the Ashburton’s school of culinary art and chef academy. The food was absolutely amazing. I had to pinch myself several times to realize that this was real.

I really couldn’t imagine myself enjoying sitting on a boat all day and night, what would we do, it’s so small, you can’t just get off when you want. All these thoughts were in my head. The opposite was actually the truth. I read, enjoyed music, lounged on the deck. We sat up on top with Michael while under way. He is a great conversationalist. They catered to our desires and we had significant input into the itinerary. The boat is NOT small. The cabins are queen sized, each with a full bath. It didn’t feel like the box of a cruise ship. The galleys are large and quite comfortable.

I never imagined that I would have such a marvelous experience on a boat in the ocean, but found that it was very relaxing, peaceful and calming. This was the best vacation I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to go back. I know I’ll see “Lucky Me” again and hope it is soon.

As we left the dock, I took one look back at her and thought to my self……Lucky Me for having taken this adventure!

– biometortho, TripAdvisor